Crystal Reading

Unakite – Birth and Rebirth

Unakite brings you a message of new beginnings. With its gentle pink and green colors, Unakite works on your heart chakra to heal it from any negative feelings you may have toward yourself and encourage self-love and self-respect to grow. Because it’s the stone of birth and new beginnings, it will also help you to manifest new goals and see them to fruition.  Unakite is also called a Visionary Stone because it helps to awaken your clairvoyance.  It helps you to see the path before you so can manifest your goals more efficiently.  Unakite helps you to release addictive patterns and negative habits so you can be your best self.  Unakite’s affirmation for you today is, “I release the old that is no longer serving me and allow a new chapter of my life to be born today.”