Be Your Own Psychic Webinar


In this exciting webinar you will have an opportunity to practice your psychic abilities. We will meet for three weeks from 8:00 pm eastern to 9:30 pm eastern.  I will spend the first hour each week teaching about different topics. The last part of the class will be an interactive period where you can ask questions, share with the class and connect with each other.

You will also be partnered with someone new each week to practice your intuitive and mediumship skills in a safe, judgement free environment.

Students who sign up will also receive my Opening to Intuition Meditation, Chakra Cleansing Meditation and Meet Your Spirit Guide Meditation as an MP3.

Topics to be discussed include connecting with your guides for information, opening your chakras to raise your vibration, psychic protection techniques, using crystals and learning to trust yourself.

You and I will also talk on the phone in a one-on-one consultation so I can get an idea of where you are in your spiritual journey.

Each week you will receive:

1) intuitive exercises for your personal development
2) intuitive exercises to work on with a partner. Partners will change each week.
3) journal exercises
4) a weekly meditation
5) handouts on the weekly topic

Here’s what former students have said about the class:

  • Samatha’s Be Your Own Psychic class was invaluable to me. The resources, partner exercises, and independent exercises provided me with the tools and community I needed to push the boundaries of my intuitive development. I highly recommend this class!    — Jade


  • What I LOVE about this class is you get to apply what you are learning as it goes along. Experience is the best teacher and Samantha has integrated that into this class. You learn skills in the group call and then have homework to do individually and/or with another in the class. Working with others that are like-minded is in and of itself healing, supportive, and empowering. I’ve been studying/teaching Intuitive Development for years and do not know of another class like this! — Kenya


  • Hi Samantha! I am so glad to hear you will be offering this amazing experience to another group. I don’t know where I would be today without the tools and community you provided me with. It’s been over a year since our last BYOP class, still the communication and practice continues between us to this day. Your passion for teaching shines especially throughout your intuitive development course. It has been invaluable to me in so many ways. — Kristen


  • Samantha’s class provides a safe and completely supportive environment to learn in. The weekly sessions were packed full of useful information, great stories and online interaction with like minded people. Definitely something I looked forward too each week. With Samantha’s guidance and encouragement from your fellow classmates, this class will be a journey you will never forget. — Patty


  • This is the class for you if you are ready to dive into your intuition and see results. I joined this class with 0% knowledge only to discover that I am a psychic medium. Fast forward 18 months and I now have many readings under by belt. I love this work. I had no idea that I had these gifts. Not only did I learn about my new gift I gained new friends. This is a powerful class! Sign up it will change everything. It did for me — Anita


  • Samantha is a generous and knowledgeable teacher who creates safe supportive space to explore your intuition and psychic gifts.Where you can learn at a pace you are comfortable with, in an atmosphere without judgement in a community of like minded people. The course is full of concrete tools and wisdom. Samantha provides a relaxed and supportive environment to explore and test out your psychic gifts, I have studied with many spiritual teachers, in a variety of ways and can truly say that I feel Samantha has the heart and soul of an authentic spiritual teacher. Such a gift. — Shauna


  • This class is designed to teach you how to develop and hone your intuitive abilities while giving you practice with fellow intuitives. You will be asked to do intuitive readings and exercises with students in the class. You will not be put on the spot. The partnership work will take place outside of class at a time agreed upon between you and your partner. This class is designed to be positive, fun, entertaining, uplifting and educational while fostering an environment of support and growth.

This class will meet at the following times:

Thursday, May 10  8:00 – 9:30 pm eastern
Thursday, May 17  8:00 – 9:30 pm eastern
Thursday, May 24  8:00 – 9:30 pm eastern

When you sign up for this class, you will receive a registration email and link for logging in to the webinar. If you have a different email address from your Pay Pal account, please email it to me at I look forward to working with you!

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