Labradorite Bracelet — Third Eye Opener


The ancient Inuits thought Labradorite was the frozen fire of the Aurora Borealis.  In normal lighting this stone looks like an average gray rock, but when you shine a light on it, the magic within shines forth.  Labradorite reminds you that you have a magical light within you too.  Believe in yourself.  Believe in your intuition.  Labradorite awakens and strengthens your third eye.  It increases clairvoyance and helps mediums receive clear, accurate answers.  It’s one of the best stones for intuitive empaths to wear because it protects your energy while still allowing you to open your psychic ability. Wearing Labradorite reminds you that you’re intuitive and magical and to trust that as you shine a light on yourself, you will light the way for others too. Labradorite’s affirmation for you: “When I believe in my own magic, my whole world becomes magical.”

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