Tiger’s Eye Bracelet


Tiger’s Eye is like the fitness trainer who tells you to keep going even when you don’t think you can. Tiger’s Eye brings you the protection and focus needed to finish your goals and dreams. If you’re thinking of abandoning a dream or a wish, Tiger’s Eye helps infuse your energy with will and determination. Tiger’s Eye relieves fear and anxiety. Wearing Tiger’s Eye encourages you to take action and manifest your goals. It increases confidence and enhances will power, self-esteem and courage. Tiger’s Eye helps to awaken latent psychic abilities.

Wearing Tiger’s Eye helps you to work through painful, difficult times. Tiger’s Eye has been worn throughout the ages to protect against curses and ill wishes directed at you.

Tiger’s Eye helps to ground your energy while you’re opening your intuitive abilities so it’s highly protective. Named for the courageous tiger, this stone will enhance your solar plexus – the courage, will and confidence.

All bracelets are handmade by me and blessed with Reiki. This bracelet was made with the affirmation “I am strong.”

This bracelet is 7″ long. If you need a shorter or longer bracelet, please let me know.

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