Samantha Fey

I’ve been working as an intuitive for over 15 years.  I host two podcasts — Psychic Teachers and Enlightened Empaths — that are focused on teaching people to embrace their true gifts. My goal is helping people see their connection to spirit. In readings, my specialty is tuning into people’s guides to help identify people’s soul purposes and life lessons and current challenges. A reading can help you identify themes, patterns and core blocks in your life. It’s a great way to focus on what needs to be done now so you can be ready for positive changes and opportunities heading your way.

I love teaching classes and webinars that offer practical, hands-on, easy techniques for tuning into to your intuitive and mediumship abilities. I teach classes on intuitive development, mediumship, crystals and manifesting.

I am also a Reiki Master and enjoy teaching Reiki and sharing this healing modality through my work.  I write for Beliefnet on a variety of topics from numerology and crystals to unsolved mysteries and psychic tools.