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My name is Samantha Fey, and I have been a practicing intuitive for over a decade. Before I decided to take the leap of faith and do this work full-time, I taught English at my local community college. I had spent my whole life trying to fit in and be normal. As a child I would see spirits. They would visit me in my bedroom. They were always pleasant. Most just wanted to tell me how they died. But still, it terrified me. I did everything I could to shut down my abilities. I slept with the lights on and barricaded myself with about 100 stuffed animals.

When I got older, I focused on school and friends. After graduate school, I married a police officer and began teaching. Soon after, I became a mother. I was finally normal. I fit in and felt safe. But there was always another world calling to me and in 2005 I finally answered that call.

I was at a rock show when a woman walked up to me, gave me an unsolicited but spot on reading and said, “My guides keep saying the word, ‘Reiki.’” I’d never heard of Reiki, but based on this one stranger’s recommendation, I found a local Reiki teacher and earned my first degree. That’s when my intuition popped open again, but I still didn’t tell anyone.

I dreamt that my friend was pregnant before she knew. I started to see lights around people, and I would sometimes feel their deceased relatives around me. Every time I saw my family doctor, I fought an impulse to tell him that his grandmother is so proud he became a doctor. One afternoon at the grocery store, a teenage boy was packing my groceries. I blurted out, “Don’t worry. Lindsey likes you too.” He looked so shocked and scared of me that I didn’t go back to that store for years.

I wanted to tell someone about what was happening to me. But what would I say? More importantly, what would they think?

This experience gave me the confidence to join an intuitive development circle. After a few months of learning how to meditate and open up, I was partnered up with a new member to the class. We were told to hold our partner’s hand and ask for a message, but when I did this all I saw was a Banyan tree. My partner became emotional as she explained that when she was seven she’d seen her spirit guide sitting in a Banyan tree in her back yard while her family was living in Hawaii. “I’ve always asked for validation of this experience and now I have it. Thank you.” Another time, a classmate’s mother came through and showed me the tattoo her daughter had gotten in her honor and apologized for being an alcoholic – something she would never admit to before. Slowly my confidence grew. When my brother-in-law’s deceased brother came through with very private messages for his family, I took a deep breath and passed on the messages. His sisters became emotional and one said, “What color was his favorite car?” I asked and saw an old white Mercedes convertible. She showed me a picture of her brother leaning against a white convertible. As I stared down at his smiling face in the old polaroid, I started to believe in this thing called intuition. And slowly I started to believe in myself.

I began doing readings part-time at a local metaphysical store but still kept teaching. I had a foot in two worlds for years. Three years later, I walked away from the classroom and began doing readings full-time. People often say to me, “You have such an amazing gift.” While I appreciate the compliment, I don’t like the connotation that I have a gift. I strongly believe that intuition is an actual sixth sense that we all have. I am passionate about teaching others how to embrace this ability and open their own gift of intuition to enhance their life and deepen their connection to spirit.

One thing doing readings has taught me is that we’re all here for different reasons – to teach, heal, inspire – but really we’re all serving the same purpose: to embrace with love our true self and see this reflected back in everyone around us. We all need to drop the blanket of doubt and fear clinging to us and let our light shine forth.

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