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In the world of dreams, inventors have discovered techniques to solve problems, scientists have conjured new medicines to heal the sick, artists have created poetry, plays and songs. Many people have reported being visited by loved ones in heaven to bring messages of healing or warnings to prevent an upcoming disaster. Stories of precognitive dreams – some filled with wonder and hope while others foretelling impending misfortunes – have been recorded for centuries.

In The Awake Dreamer readers will learn how to utilize the dream state to expand their conscious, reach out to loved ones in heaven and use their sleep state to fully realize their soul’s potential. This book is comprised of stories, research, exercises and techniques designed to show readers a whole new side to what it means to dream including:

  • How to receive and give ancestral healing through dreams
  • Practice astral travel, lucid dreaming and past life dream recall
  • Invite healing dreams into your life and request assistance
  • Explore where our conscious goes when we sleep
  • Experience dream visits with loved ones on the other side


“Samantha’s book answers so many questions about the night life of us human beings. I HIGHLY recommend this book to everyone. It unravels the mysteries that we wake up with, trying to understand our dreams, our soul’s travels, past life information and healing. I’m going to recommend this book any chance I get.”
Echo Bodine, author of Happily Ever AfterLife

“Dreamland is the realm of many of our most magical experiences, ranging from psychic epiphanies to communicating with ancestors, loved ones, and angels. I’m so grateful to Samantha Fey for The Awake Dreamer which eloquently provides insightful tips and information for enhancing and facilitating the dreaming process.”
Judika Illes, author of Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells, Pure Magic, and other books

The Awake Dreamer is packed full of fascinating stories, exercises, and techniques to help you recall and work with your dreams. It’s well-written, authoritative, helpful, and healing. I thought I was well-read on the subject of dreams but learned a great deal from this remarkable book. It is essential reading for anyone interested in exploring their dreams.”
Richard Webster, author of several books including Spirit Guides and Angel Guardians.

In “The Awake Dreamer,” Samantha Fey takes us into some fascinating nooks and crannies of the dreaming mind, while exploring the dreamscape’s relationship to out-of-body states, healing, and astral travel. An intrepid guide, Fey’s background as a medium gives her a unique vantage to share insights and ponder the imponderable like– Do the dead still dream, and if so, are they dreaming of us?!
Lex ‘Lonehood’ Nover, author of “Nightmareland: Travels at the Borders of Sleep, Dreams, and Wakefulness

If you’ve ever felt your dream life was uncharted and even at times choppy waters, Samantha Fey is the captain you’ve been waiting for to help you navigate the mysteries and magic found within them. She expertly and with new insights helps you map out the “other” life you may have been living without knowing it and empowers you to exclaim: Welcome to the new world!
Ryan Singer – writer, comedian, host of Me and Paranormal You and creator of the Crystal Eyes Ap.

Samantha Fey, a gifted intuitive, so wonderfully captures the many aspects of our active dreamlife in her book, The Awake Dreamer. Sharing client experiences, techniques for the reader and supported by research, this practical guide will help you with your own dream interpretation and to utilize the dream state as an active participant to skillfully journey to find answers, receive guidance and connect with deceased loved ones as you learn to elevate your dreams.
Bryn Blankinship, author of “The Limitless Soul

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ISBN: 978-1-64297-040-1 | September 2022 | $18.95
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