Crystal Reading


Pyrite brings you a message of financial abundance today.  Pyrite tells you that as you learn to value yourself and your true worth, your finances will increase as a result.  Pyrite is a stone of action, will and determination. An earthy stone of protection, Pyrite will draw up energy from the earth to fill your aura with a seal of protection.  Pyrite activates the 2nd and 3rd chakra stimulating one’s will, creativity and assertiveness.

Use Pyrite in a grid with Green Aventurine, Citrine and Rose Quartz to help you manifest financial opportunities and abundance. Hold a piece when you need to negotiate a salary or ask for a raise.  Tuck a small piece in your wallet or purse to encourage money to keep flowing in.

Pyrite is named from the Greek word “pyros” for fire because of its ability to create sparks when pieces are struck against a hard surface.  Holding Pyrite will help ignite your passion to accomplish your dreams and goals.

Throughout history, Pyrite has been carried as a talisman against psychic attack, bad luck and ill fortune.  As a stone of masculinity, it helps men to feel confident in their skin while for women, Pyrite encourages self-esteem.  For all, Pyrite helps one to take a leadership role at work and in personal affairs.

Pyrite’s affirmation for you today is: ‘When I invest in myself, the universe invests in me.”