Crystal Reading


Rhodonite is a powerful heart healer. It helps one reclaim all you were meant to be as it gently teaches you how to love yourself unconditionally. Rhodonite is a great stone to wear when one has been through a loss or breakup. The pink helps your heart to heal with love while the black markings in the stone help you release grief and anger. Often called the “first aid” stone for breakups, Rhodonite provides emotional healing and support during times of trauma, sadness and stress.

Rhodonite restores feelings of self-worth as it increases self-esteem. It helps bring more confidence to all you do. It’s recommended for people who give in to their fears and anxieties. Rhodonite reminds you that you are worthy of love, success and joy and helps you to attract this energy to you.

It’s recommended for people healing from co-dependence. Rhodonite’s message for you today is, “My heart is healed and whole.”