Crystal Reading


Carnelian – known as the Creator’s Stone – brings a message to you today about your passions.  Carnelian works with your sacral chakra to help awaken your passion for life and love. It helps one heal from emotional, physical and sexual abuse.

Wearing Carnelian helps you feel more vital, energized and creative. It works to banish self-doubt and writer’s block. Carnelian helps you to feel confident about your place in the world and gives you the courage to speak your truth. It brings joy, energy and renewed passion to creative endeavors.

Wearing Carnelian also helps us to love and honor our bodies. It never needs to be cleansed and keeps the stones around it clean and clear and ready to work for you.

Carnelian’s affirmation for you today is, “As I awaken my creative, fertile energy, my passion for life is reignited.”