Crystal Reading

Blue Kyanite

Blue Kyanite is a fantastic stone for chakra work.  It can’t hold negativity so never needs to be cleansed.  It works to help keep your chakras in alignment. It helps enhance your ability to communicate, especially with psychic information.  The deep blue color infuses your energy with feelings of peace and contentment.

It works to strengthen the Throat Chakra — helping you to speak your truth, stand up for yourself and work from an energy of empowerment.

Kyanite helps cut through confusion so you can focus on your soul purpose.

Tuck a piece under your pillow to help you remember your dreams. Hold your Kyanite to facilitate clear communication with your guides and higher self.

Kyanite’s message for you today is it’s time to speak your truth, to stand up for yourself and claim your right to success and joy.