Crystal Reading

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli brings you a message of divine protection encouraging you to keep seeking wisdom and your truth.  Prized for millennia as a stone of protection, intuition and beauty, Lapis Lazuli encourages you to discover your intuitive gifts.  It’s known as a stone of royalty.  Wear Lapis to remind you of your beautiful worth.  Carry Lapis or wear to protect you against psychic attack and negative energy.  Hold Lapis or wear as a pendant when going on an audition or job interview because Lapis helps you to stand out in positive ways.  It’s also a stone prized for its manifesting abilities.  Hold it while visualizing your goals.  Create a grid of lapis to calm energies in the home.  It’s recommended for homes with teenagers or kids with ADD/ADHD.  Lapis has a stabilizing, protecting and calming energy.  Its message to you today is “Remember who you are.  Own your worth and trust in yourself.  When you listen to your heart, you will always be on the right path.”