A Stone Unturned Webinar


A Stone Unturned

Crystal Class Webinar
Joel and Samantha

September 19 and September 26

8:00 – 9:30 pm eastern

Join us for this jam-packed, two-part, webinar for a collaborative walk through the mineral kingdom. Through our personal experiences, perspectives, and lessons, we hope to guide you through an understanding of the energy basics to their application in your journey of self-discovery!

Here’s what you can expect:

An overview of crystal/mineral energy properties and their presence in everyday technology, as well as how this applies to (or even changes) the way you may choose to work with crystals and minerals!

A little history on our inherent connection to the mineral kingdom and it’s pervasiveness throughout our world, as well as how to select, cleanse, charge, and prepare your selection to align with your energy and intent!

We’ll have some hands-on exercises, requiring only a minimal number of crystals, where you’ll learn the basics of making gem water, crystal grids, and performing chakra work! There will be a little physics, science, and history mixed with fun and mystery! We hope you’ll join us!

Joel has been enjoying an in-depth exploration of the mineral kingdom for the past twelve years and is fascinated with their use in healing, wellness, and self- development practices. He is a (Melody) certified Grand Formations Array Practitioner and certified Master Crystologist.

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