Amethyst Bracelet


Amethyst is called The All Healer. Amethyst awakens the crown chakra strengthening your connection to your higher self and your spiritual purpose. Amethyst helps you accept yourself just as you are. It helps to restore your energy. It’s a stone for balance, protection and spiritual love.

When worn, Amethyst helps you feel emotionally balanced. It’s said to make the wearer more efficient at work and with decisions. Amethyst activates the crown and third eye chakra helping strengthen your connection to the divine.

Wearing or meditating with Amethyst increases your psychic ability.

Amethyst helps still the mind and calm your energy so that you can connect more deeply with your guides and angels.

Many old metaphysical books recommend wearing Amethyst to protect one from attracting ghosts and negative energies from attaching to you.

It’s often referred to as the Stone of Sobriety because it’s said to help you make healthy choices. Ancient Romans would drink wine from amethyst goblets. They believed that Amethyst prevented them from over indulgence. Amethyst instills a sense of inner peace and self-love so that we make the right choices for our spiritual path.

Wearing Amethyst helps us awaken to our true spiritual path.

Bracelets are made with 6 mm beads and measure 7″

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  1. This Amethyst bracelet was the first crystal I’d every worked with; it helped me open up to my spiritual and intuitive journey. All of Samantha’s products are filled with positivity and love, they work.

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