Angelite Mother Mary Novena Bracelet


This bracelet is designed to help you say a novena to Mother Mary. A Novena is a 9 day period in which you pray for a specific intention. This bracelet is made of a series of 9 Angelite beads and comes with a card to teach you how to use the bracelet to say a novena to Mother Mary.

Not only does Angelite look like the color we most associate Mother Mary with – the beautiful sky blue – but it’s also a great stone to work with for enhancing prayers and your connection to the angelic realm.

Angelite is also called a stone of telepathy because it works as a sender and a receiver helping you to both transmit and receive spiritual guidance and healing. It’s a stone of peace and aids in the facilitation of serenity while also raising the vibration of the collective conscious. It was first discovered in 1989 during the harmonic convergence. It’s believed that Angelite was discovered at this time to help introduce more love and light into the world.

Wearing Angelite helps you feel more peaceful, centered and connected to your angelic guidance. Repeating a 9 day Novena to Mother Mary is a wonderful way to develop a deeper relationship with the mother to us all and receive gifts of grace in return.




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  1. This is so beautiful. I received mine yesterday and I love it. The fit is perfect, the vibe of the angelite is soothing. I also really like the prayer on the card attached. Thank you, Samantha!

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