Aquamarine – Rock Your Journey


Aquamarine is often referred to as the “Stone of Courage” because it helps one to always be prepared, to go within for answers and awaken to new levels of spiritual wisdom.

It’s also been called the “Mermaid Stone” because of its long historic association with the sea. There’s a legend that says Aquamarine was originally discovered in a treasure chest guarded by mermaids. ┬áIt’s said to protect when traveling across the ocean, but it also helps protect one when we take on the ultimate journey – the spiritual journey within. Wearing Aquamarine helps you to go inside your heart and unravel the complexities of who you are and why you’re here.

Aquamarine helps you make sense of who you are while reducing self-judgement and blame so that you can learn to accept and love yourself as you are, where you are.

As a Throat Chakra stone, wearing Aquamarine will help you to speak your truth with dignity, serenity and confidence. It provides inner stability and peace through its ability to clear and calm the mind.

Wearing Aquamarine helps reduce stress, anger and negative thought patterns. It works to boost your courage and confidence. It clears anxious thoughts allowing you to be the happy, authentic person you are so you can rock your journey.

All bracelets are made with an affirmation prayed over the beads. This bracelet is made with the affirmation “My life is in alignment with my soul purpose.”


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