Bag of Lucky Stones


When I first started getting into crystals, I saw a little bag of lucky stones for sale at a store and bought them. At the time, I still held the suspicious belief that these were just rocks — capable of doing, well, nothing. Still,the stones were really cute so I thought, “Why not?” I carried those stones with me in my purse everywhere and would grab them when I needed a great parking space or when I needed a surge of confidence. I held them when I applied for a writing job and even carried them with me when I mailed off my writing sample.  I was so shocked because every time I had that little bag of stones, I did get a great parking space, I did feel more confident and I actually got the writing job.  Suddenly I started believing in everything I’d been reading about crystals and it changed my life.

So I’ve decided to put together a similar bag of lucky stones for you.  Each bag holds seven small lucky stones.  Carry them with you whenever and wherever you need a boost of confidence and a surge of good luck!

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