Be Happy – Crystals to Increase Joy

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Crystals can work with our energy to increase joy and absorb sadness, anxiety, worry and fears. You can use your bag of stones in several ways to increase your joy:

  1. Meditate with them while envisioning yourself feeling happy and joyful
  2. Create a grid with your stones in the shape of the sun to attract more joy into your life
  3. Place an affirmation for yourself in the bag such as “I am a magnet for joy” or “every day, in every way, I am feeling happier and happier”
  4. Keep them at work if you need to attract more joy during your work day
  5. To send joy to someone, take a picture of them and place the stones over or around the photo.  Every time you pass by, pause to send them love and light
  6. Place the stones over your solar plexus and heart chakras to open and awaken your aura to receive more happiness

Your BE HAPPY bag of stones includes:

Pyrite: Encourages abundance. Helps overcome feelings of inadequacy while increasing self-worth. Reminds you why you’re here and helps you live up to your full potential. Increases your willpower to overcome bad habits. Increases your energy, strength and vigor.

Smokey Quartz: Very grounding and protective stone. Often called The Wishing Stone because it helps you ground your wishes in reality so they can come true. Increases creativity. Relieves depression. Absorbs negativity and anger. Very soothing for people dealing with grief and loss. Protects your energy from others’ negativity.

Tiger’s Eye: Relieves fear and anxiety. Encourages you to take action and manifest your goals. Increases confidence. Enhances willpower and self-esteem. Helps to awaken latent psychic abilities. Assists in working through painful, difficult times. Worn throughout the ages to protect against curses, jealousy and ill wishes.

Lepidolite: Because it contains lithium, Lepidolite helps alleviate depression. It increases synchronicity and helps one feel connected to source energy. Instills hope during dark times while increasing self-love and inner joy. Emotionally healing. Recommended for people dealing with depression, addiction or PTSD.

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5 reviews for Be Happy – Crystals to Increase Joy

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Ashley U (verified owner)

    I bought these stones to help me deal with the negative energy/emotions that overcame me whenever I went to work. Since using these I have noticed a difference in my energy and happiness at work. Definitely worth the money and worth sharing and buying for friends.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Cora Logsdon (verified owner)

    I love these stones! I also like the inspirational quotes on the packaging and the cute lucky fortunes that make you feel special.

  3. Samantha Fey

    Wonderful quality crystals. I like buying them in a set so I don’t have to hunt all over for good crystals. I keep them with me all the time! – D. Dugan

  4. Samantha Fey

    I received the items that I ordered from you and I absolutely love them! The personalization that you gave to the items and the packaging of the shipment are truly special. Made me feel like I got a gift that was made, wrapped and packaged just for me…… Thank YOU. – Jackie B.

  5. Samantha Fey

    Oh Samantha, you’ve surprised me again! Not only did you send me my beautiful bag of happiness stones, but you also included a HUGE, glowing piece of Citrine and other extra goodies! I couldn’t be happier. Your generosity is never ending. Gorgeous packaging which includes very detailed information. I always know I am getting the best quality from someone who truly cares. Thank you so much for everything! I will be back soon 🙂 — Chelsea

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