Be Happy Rocks


Be Happy Rocks is a little bag of stones to help you focus on joy, inner peace and happiness.  Carry these stones with you to send out a message to the Universe that you’re ready to experience more joy.  Use them in a grid to focus your intent on creating more joy.  Keep them on your desk at work to bring an uplifting energy to your work day.  Place an affirmation for your happiness goals in your bag.  Meditate with the bag on your Solar Plexus Chakra to invite more light into your aura.

Your bag includes:

Citrine: Encourages abundance in your life.  Helps overcome feelings of inadequacy while increasing self-worth. Called the “Stone of Success” and the “Merchant’s Stone,” Citrine helps you attract success, joy, and abundance. Increases energy, strength and vigor.

Botswana Agate: Often called the “Anti-Depressant Stone,” Botswana Agate helps you embrace more happiness. The calming bands brings a sense of peace and helps ease anxiety. The natural eye formation is said to help you focus on inner joy and attract more luck into your life.

Smokey Quartz: Very grounding and protective. Often referred to as the “Wishing Stone” as it helps ground your wishes in reality so they can come true. Relieves depression. Absorbs negativity and anger. Very soothing for people dealing with grief and loss. Protects from other people’s negativity.

Tiger’s Eye: Helps relieve fear and worries. Encourages you to take action and manifest your goals with renewed energy. Increases confidence. Enhances your will power, self-esteem and courage. Helps to awaken latent psychic abilities. Provides energetic support during painful, difficult times. Work throughout the ages to protect against negativity.


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