Be Your Own Psychic Course


In this 60 page course, you will learn how to tune in, awaken and strengthen your psychic abilities. I’ve taken everything I’ve learned and taught over the last 15 years and turned it into a powerful, instructive and practical class with techniques you can begin to put into practice today.

In this course you will learn:

1) how to tune in for guidance and direction
2) how to open and close your chakras
3) what crystals can help open your third eye
4) two powerful meditations to awaken your psychic ability
5) a quiz to determine your psychic strengths
6) tips on how to find an intuitive community
7) dozens of exercises you can try today to test your intuitive abilities
8) information on psychic tools such as oracle cards and pendulums
9) intuitive exercises you can do with a friend
10) techniques to help you remember your dreams and get information for your future guidance

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7 Replies to “Be Your Own Psychic Course”

  1. Very informative! Great exercises to do! This will really help anyone develop their intuitive side! — Meg L.

  2. What a great printable course! I was able to print and bind it at an office store. I refer to it frequently! Thank you!

  3. Very insightful and perfect for learning on how to open up. Lots of good stuff in here! Thank you! Love the podcast also!!!!! — Sophie H.

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