Chakra Crystal Bag


Each chakra bag is hand knit and blessed with Reiki. Your chakra bag includes 7 crystals — one for each chakra¬†and a card that teaches you how to use these crystals for guidance and direction. Think of a question, pull three crystals representing past, present and future then follow your intuition and the card’s description to receive the guidance necessary. The chakra bag is also great for meditation, chakra cleansing, and keeping your crystals safe.

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Product Description

“I meditate with these stones as much as I can, and I wanted to tell you that my anxiety has really decreased. I’m calmer throughout the day, sleeping better at night and feeling more like my old self. Thank you!” – Susa, PA

“My wife made me sleep with these stones, and I thought she was crazy, but I think they work. My headaches have gotten better and my insomnia isn’t so bad either.” – Joe, MA

“I’ve been using the chakra bag in my readings with my clients. I have them ask a questions and pick three stones. It’s so neat what three stones can reveal. It’s given my intuition permission to open up in whole new ways. Thank you!” – Roseanne, NJ


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