Crystal Clear Aura Spray

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Made with sage, myrrh, frankincense, lavender oils, and blessed water, Crystal Clear Spray will help you clear and cleanse your energy. Shake well and spray to remove negativity from your aura.

Spray in the morning to start your day on the right foot and at night to ensure sweet dreams.
Works to cleanse your crystals quickly.
Crystal Clear spray also works great as a room, car, or office cleanser.

Spray on your crystals to keep them cleared and ready to work for you.
Spray in your office to keep it clear of negative energy.
Spray in your home to diffuse negative energy from bickering and stress
Give one to your child to spray in their bedroom to clear away bad dreams

4 ounce bottle.

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17 Replies to “Crystal Clear Aura Spray”

  1. This smells amazing, I like that it’s light and not over powering. It sounds like there maybe loose crystals in the bottle? I keep it at work and so far love it!

  2. I love this spray! I’ve been spraying it everywhere since it was delivered today, smells wonderful and lifts the mood of everyone it touches — Rachel F.

  3. This spray is a MUST have product in your home! It is so versatile. I had smaller bottles of this spray that came with other purchases from this shop and my friends loved the spray so much that I gave them the smaller bottles and purchased myself the bigger bottle. My friends, also, have asked me to order them some more of this spray in the bigger bottles with my next purchase. I will buy this spray again and again, and recommend it to everyone. Her bracelets, crystals, and spray are of the best quality! Love, love, LOVE the stuff in her store! I am never disappointed. Samantha’s stuff is always delivered super fast. I will keep shopping with her!! Thank you, Samantha for your wonderful products and super friendly and efficient customer service — S. Lewis

  4. This spray smells amazing. When I need a little vibrational lift I spray it all around me and feel instantly better. I love that it’s infused with reiki, has actual crystals in it, and holy water…. Samantha made sure to cover all basis when it comes to psychic and spiritual protection/cleansing. Thanks, Samantha! You’re the best! — Gaby

  5. Love this spray! It smells so light and wonderful! She also sent a small bottle of spray for my crystals which also smells amazing! Very thankful! – Meg L.

  6. Smells wonderful, clean and not overpowering, with little crystals at the bottom for added spiritual mojo. Love it! — Cecilia H.

  7. I have been extremely happy with my bracelets and crystals that I have gotten from Samantha. I wear my bracelets everyday, they are so beautiful. I get her packages super quick. I love that she puts a fortune in each package. Thank You Samantha for such great products, quality and customer service. Just Love You ? ?

  8. I ordered this spray and the Angel Armor Roller, and they both smell wonderful! Very nice scents, not too heavy! The package came quickly and was nicely packaged with an adorable fortune – I opened the package after a tough day and it really made me smile. This was the first time I ordered from Samantha and will definitely order from her again!

  9. Wonderful stuff! My daughter was having a hard time sleeping tonight and I sprayed this in her room.. we both love the smell, and she went peacefully to sleep. I have to say that opening this package was like getting a gift from a very thoughtful close friend. I love the stone included! And the fortune cookie really touched my heart. Thank you Samantha.

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