Everyday Psychic Protection With Guided Meditation



In this ebook + meditation, you will learn how to protect your energy with practical steps you can start using today plus you’ll receive Samantha’s guided meditation which teaches you how to create and activate a protective shield around your aura.

We should all be practicing psychic protection. If everything is energy, then think about all the “stuff” being thrown at us in an average day. Everyday Psychic Protection will teach you how to recognize positive and negative energy, deflect negativity and keep yourself shielded, grounded and protected.

You will learn how to:

  • practice cord cutting
  • create an energetic shield
  • release and deflect negativity
  • protect your energy through the day and the evening
  • energetically clear and cleanse your home, office and car
  • do a thorough sage clearing of your home
  • recognize psychic attack and negative energy directed at you
  • set firm, healthy boundaries
  • deflect energy vampires
  • practice metaphysical techniques for daily protection
  • use crystals for psychic protection

The guided meditation helps you:

  • release negativity
  • learn to create a protective shield of energy
  • deflect negative energy coming toward you
  • start your day with positivity and good vibes

The course and meditation will arrive as a download in your email inbox. 


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  1. This was amazing and just what I needed. The meditation has been helpful in creating more positive, happy days for myself too.

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