Fluorite is often called the “Student’s Stone” because it helps one learn and retain information.  I prefer to call Fluorite the psychic dust buster of crystals because it works to clean, clear and stabilize your aura — absorbing negativity and stress within to clear the mind, awaken the third eye and align your energy. In addition, your Fluorite bracelet will help with the following:

  • eliminate negative patterns of behavior and thinking.
  • bring a calm sense of balance and deeper understanding of your personal spiritual wisdom.
  • direct you on your proper path by encouraging you to follow your inner guidance.
  • work to heal feelings of insecurity while encouraging you to speak up for yourself.
  • help block electromagnetic stress
  • recommended for Indigo and Crystal children to help them learn to understand their spiritual purpose.
  • strengthen clairvoyance and claircognizance

Wear your Fluorite when meditating to help clear the mind and gain greater insight.  Keep your Fluorite bracelet with you when studying or taking tests.  Use the Fluorite beads as meditation focus beads for mantras or prayers.

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