Hematite – Shield of Protection

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Hematite is one of the best stones for protection. It will throw up a shield around your aura when you wear this bracelet to protect you from other people’s negativity. Hematite activates and clears the root chakra helping you feel grounded, safe and balanced. It instills courage, self-esteem and confidence.

Melody says that Hematite “assists in the dissolution of negativity, transforming the negativity, in the dissolved state, to the purity of universal light of love.”

Wearing Hematite helps you focus on inner peace, self-control, and happiness.

Hematite is said to help you attract loving people into your life who are kind.

Cassandra Eason calls Hematite the Stone of Justice and says it “brings justice in legal, official and personal matters.”

Wearing or meditating with Hematite helps you discover your talents at any age.

Hematite is recommended for empaths and for people who are learning to set healthy boundaries.

As a magnetic stone, wear it on your left wrist to attract success and protection. Wear it on your right wrist when you want to block negativity from others around you.

Your hematite bracelet is made with 6 mm beads and measures 7.5″ If you need your bracelet a different size, send an email to [email protected]

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3 Replies to “Hematite – Shield of Protection”

  1. I got this bracelet for my husband. He suffers from PTSD. He wears it everyday and has significantly improved his attitude and demeanor. – Rebecca W.

  2. Beautiful! As pictured, small beads with a lovely shine to them. I look forward to wearing it. Side note, I was unknowingly charged too much for shipping (to Canada) and Samantha immediately let me know and refunded the appropriate amount, great doing business — Kristen G.

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