Larvikite – The Visionary


Larvikite enhances psychic ability, strengthens inner vision, astral travel and lucid dreaming. Wearing Larvikite helps protect your energy while doing intuitive work. It’s recommended for intuitives and mediums to help you grow in confidence while sharpening your intuition. Working with Larvikite helps assist you in past life recall.

Larvikite is often confused with Labradorite and is sometimes referred to as Black Moonstone. ┬áIt’s named for the Larvik Fjord area in Norway where it was originally found. Larvikite is a member of the Feldspar family so these black beads have a lovely sheen to them that is said to help enhance inner visions and psychic ability. It helps us get in touch with our higher self so we can grow in confidence and see our path forward more clearly.

It’s a highly protective stone and will help throw up a shield in your aura deflecting negative energy and intentions back to its sender.

Your Larvikite bracelet is made with 6 mm round beads.

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