Lepidolite – Peace Be With You


Lepidolite is called the “Stone of Transition” and provides support during times of stress, worry and change. Working with Lepidolite helps you prepare for change by offering energetic support of strength and hope. Lepidolite helps you become aware of energy blocks within so you can bring them to the surface, heal them and move forward. Wearing or meditating with Lepidolite fosters self-love. Lepidolite brings a sense of calm, inner serenity and peace to your aura.  This stone reminds me of the Bob Marley song, “Every Little Thing is Gonna Be Alright” because it instills the message of “keep calm and carry on.”

Lepidolite contains Lithium which is used in many anti-anxiety medications. This is why many crystal healers call this beautiful lilac gem “Nature’s Anti-Anxiety Stone.” It balances an over-active mind and helps calm inner anger. Working with Lepidolite restores peace to your energy. The name comes from a Greek word for scale, lepidos, because of its association with bringing the spirit into balance.  It’s connected to the sign Libra because of its association with restoring balance. Wearing Lepidolite helps you feel whole as it gently encourages mind, body and soul to come back into alignment.

It works on all the chakras but especially the higher chakras. It helps to activate, clear and open the heart, throat, third eye and crown chakras.

Wear this stone when you meditate to help you connect with your higher self and guides. Sleep with your bracelet on your wrist or tucked under your pillow to help you fall asleep more easily and recall your dreams. Wear your bracelet when out in large crowds to block your energy from absorbing others’ negativity.  Touch your bracelet throughout your day as you repeat a mantra such as “All is well” or “I am at peace.”

I make these bracelets as an exercise in active meditation. I string each bracelet with an affirmation unique to each one. The Peace Be With You Bracelet is made with the affirmation “I am filled with peace. All my interactions with others are happy and harmonious.” When your bracelet arrives, it has been cleansed, blessed and charged with positive energy through prayer, Reiki and intention. All crystal orders come with a blessing card and a card explaining the attributes of the stones.

Bracelets are 7.5″ If you need one smaller or larger, please send me an email [email protected]

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