Manifest Money Miracles


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In this 65 page e-course you will learn how to heal your money karma and blockages so that you can be open to receiving financial abundance. This course includes:

  • how to use Feng Shui for inviting money into your life
  • how to use crystals to increase your money mojo — including instructions on how to create 2 money grids
  • how to create a Money Talisman to increase your financial abundance
  • journal exercises to help you get to the root of any money blocks
  • information about using numerology and astrology to help you manifest abundance
  • exercises you can do in your home and office to create positive energy for money flow
  • two meditations to help you open your energy to abundance

Taking this course is the first step in switching your money mojo from ho-hum to great. Everything in this universe is alive and vibrates to a specific energy. We are all flying through this universe seeking things, people, circumstances and situations that vibrate at the same rate as we do. Once we find our vibrational match, we manifest that into reality. But if you’re vibrating at a lower frequency that is focused on lack, then your vibration is attracted to and matched with debt, lack and worry and this is what you will manifest. This course is aimed at teaching you how to retrain your body, mind and spirit into vibrating at a higher frequency so you can manifest the abundance that is your divine right.


5 Replies to “Manifest Money Miracles”

  1. It would be hard to review this if you haven’t seen any manifestation results yet. I have already had great success on the financial side! My previous online sale at my Etsy store was last October, but since manifesting I’ve had 3 sales in the last 10 days & I have a meeting with a local store to host my vintage pop-up shop. I’m still waiting to meet my future husband, but things are looking up! Thanks Samantha! – Claudia S.

  2. “What a great printable course! I was able to print and bind it at an office store. I refer to it frequently! Thank you!”

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