Manifesting Miracles Webinar


Manifesting Miracles Webinar

Tuesday, February 27


Tuesday, March 6

8:00 – 9:30 pm est 

Join Samantha for an exciting two part webinar.  In part 1 you will learn specific techniques to help you begin to manifest your dreams and goals now.  You’ll learn how to use visualization techniques, crystals, Feng shui, meditation and positive thought patterns to create a new energy which invites positive manifesting into your life.  You’ll also learn how to create a goal book to give visual life to your dreams and goals.

In part 2, you will be asked to share your goal book with the class.  Studies show that when we give voice to our goals, we empower them with positive energy which allow them to take seed and begin to grow.  Sharing our goals and dreams in a safe, supportive environment allows you to give shape to your goals.  You’ll also learn how to use the powerful thought bubble technique to enhance your manifesting.

The webinar includes almost 100 pages of handouts with proven techniques, stories, and examples that work.

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