Mediumship 101 Webinar – Day Time Class


Fridays 12:00 – 1:30 pm eastern

August 31, September 7, September 14 and September 21

Join Denise and me for this informative, exciting and interactive webinar.  If you’ve been wanting to take your intuitive development to the next level or have been wondering if you have mediumship abilities, then this is the course for you.

Each week, you’ll be paired up with someone new from class and given hands-on exercises to practice with your partner.

In class, you’ll have an opportunity to share your experiences, ask questions and connect with other intuitives.

Here’s an overview of what you’ll learn in this jam packed webinar:


The History of Mediums

Rules and Ethics of Sharing Messages

Types of Mediumship

Identifying Your Strengths


Making and Holding a Link to the Other Side

Connecting to Angels and Guides

Meet Your Mediumship Guide

Raising Your Vibrations


Creating Your Spiritual Vocabulary

Using Signs and Symbols to Connect with the Other Side

The Language of Spirit

Shamanism Dream Work to Connect with Team


Getting Out of the Way

Facing Fears and Doubts

Finding Your Path as a Medium

Coming Out of the “Psychic Closet”

Each week, you will receive several handouts with instructions, information, meditations, and exercises.

In class, Denise and I will teach for the first half and open up the second half for practice and questions.

The webinar is held through Zoom — a simple and easy way to connect with us.  You can log onto the class via your phone or computer.


See you in class!

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