Mediumship 101 Webinar – LUNCHTIME CLASS


Mediumship 101 Webinar

Fridays in March

March  6, 13, 20, and 27

12:00 – 1:30 pm eastern

This class will help take your intuitive skills to the next level. Learn to awaken, trust and strengthen your mediumship abilities in a supportive, inclusive community of like-minded thinkers. Each week you’ll receive ample handouts, personal and partner exercises, and meditations. You’re partnered with someone new from class each week to practice mediumship.  In class, you can share your experiences, ask questions and learn tips and techniques for honing your abilities.

You will learn:

  • How to increase your vibration to make a connection to the other side
  • How to strengthen your link to the other side
  • Creating your symbolic language to communicate with loved ones who’ve passed over
  • How to use your claires to link in
  • Ways to sense spirit
  • How to use your chakras to increase your abilities
  • How to connect with your guides
  • How to protect yourself

Each week you’ll receive:

  • Over 50 pages of handouts
  • A guided meditation MP3
  • Partner assignments with classmates to practice in real time
  • Invitation to join our private Facebook group of prior students of this course so you can continue to connect and practice with like-minded people
  • The recorded class so you can view it for additional information

The webinars are recorded through Zoom.  You can connect on your phone, tablet or computer.

Here’s what prior students have said about the class:

I never dreamed I could do this but thanks to your teachings, your stories and the interactive exercises, I am doing this and doing it well. I’m grateful to be able to help people affirm, heal and validate that their loved ones are still with them. Thank you doesn’t seem adequate, but thank you! – Lucy L.

I just wanted to take a moment and let you know how much I’ve enjoyed and appreciated the Mediumship 101 class. Thank you for all the packed handouts full of tips, but also for the personal stories and sharing your years of experience. I have to say, I’ve been attending a spiritual development circle for about two and a half years now. I love the teacher and the group, but I’ve learned so much from these two weeks alone with you both. Hearing your experiences, rituals, struggles and lessons learned have helped so many things click into place or helped me look at something differently. I really feel like I’ve already grown alone from these two weeks and I look forward to the next two! – Erin O.

I wanted to tell you that your Mediumship classes have helped me tap into a whole new world! I am starting to do reading for real now and the confidence your classes gave me have enabled me to already help so many people.  Thank you! – Mark N.

The education, foundation and practical instructions you gave the class were amazing.  For the first time, I feel as though I understand how to be a medium.  I can’t thank you enough! — Dayton L.

Thank you Denise and Samantha! You held us up, stretched us past where we thought we could reach, taught us how to partner and lean on each other for support.  We discovered things we didn’t know we could do.  We will always have these tools now. — Princess G.


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