Negativity Be Gone



Made with Shungite, Black Tourmaline and two St. Benedict medals, this bracelet is designed to protect your energy from negativity.

Shungite is an ancient stone that’s been used for healing and water purification throughout the centuries. Shungite helps to purify and cleanse your energy by absorbing negativity within your aura. It acts like a filter only allowing positive energy to filter into your soul. It also serves as powerful protection against EMFs. Many keep a piece of Shungite taped to their cell phone or laptop for this reason. Shungite helps align the subtle bodies within your aura so that you can keep your vibrations positive and light. Meditating with or wearing Shungite helps relieve stress and anxiety. It’s a great stone for anyone who’s doing shadow work, healing trauma or trying to send love to their inner child. Shungite is also a reccomended stone for healers who often feel ungrounded after working with clients or tend to take on their emotions.

Black Tourmaline is often called the Bodyguard Stone because it works to block outside negative energy heading our way from others. It’s prized for its ability to shield us from other people’s low vibrations and negative energy. Black Tourmaline helps wrap your aura in a cocoon of protective energy. Like a bodyguard, Black Tourmaline takes the hit of negativity for you helping to transform it and release it before it can penetrate your auric field.

Together, they make a powerful combination. The addition of St. Benedict medals to the bracelet enhances its protective vibration because this medal is a powerful protector against negative forces. It’s been used for centuries for protection against darker energies.  The St. Benedict medal is the one the Catholic church turns to during exorcisms. The metal is surrounded by Latin phrases that keep negative, darker energies away from the light within us.

Wear your bracelet for protection, for transforming darkness into light, for when you have to confront negative people, deal with a court situation, or when you just need a reminder that the power of light within you is stronger than anything in this world.

Bracelets are made with 6 mm beads and measure just over 7″ If you need your bracelet a different size, send an email to [email protected]

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