One Tumbled Amazonite


Amazonite is called a Stone of Hope, Renewal and New Beginnings. Wearing or holding Amazonite helps us to get in touch with our inner strength, our inner warrior, so that we can feel the confidence needed to manifest to our highest potential. It’s a stone of strength, hope, change and self-empowerment that brings you courage and determination to create the change your soul is seeking.

Amazonite is a stone of communication and will help activate your heart and throat chakra so that what you say and do are always in alignment. Place on either the Throat or Heart Chakra to enhance communication in romantic relationships and receive guidance through meditation as to the best words to use when trying to get your point across. Amazonite helps you learn to embrace unconditional love – from others and yourself. Carry your Amazonite when you have to stand up for yourself. Hold your Amazonite when meditating and imagine yourself standing like a warrior of light to increase your spiritual strength.

Amazonite also helps you manifest your dreams and goals. Hold a piece while saying your daily affirmations. Keep a piece on your desk to help keep you stress free and energized. It’s one of the best stones for work. Keep a piece on your desk to help keep you stress free and energized. Hold your Amazonite when you need to speak up for yourself at work. Put 9 Amazonites in a circle grid to increase productivity and profits at work.

Write down a goal you’re working on. Fold the paper four times, each time folding it towards you to invite the energy of the goal into your energy. Place the folded piece of paper where you’ll see it every day and put your Amazonite on top of it to energize your goal and begin the manifesting process.

Amazonite also helps align the third eye and throat chakra centers to help you awaken, trust and strengthen your intuition. Meditate with a small piece on your forehead to help open your third eye. Place it over your heart chakra to heal old pain and help tear down any walls previous heartache has built up around your heart.

Your Amazonite will arrive cleansed, charged and ready to work with you. Each piece measures about 1 – 1.5 inches and comes with a card describing its properties.

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