One Tumbled Angelite


Angelite is a powerful stone that helps you feel more peaceful and connected to your spiritual path. Your Angelite will help you communicate clearly and speak your truth. Holding Angelite during meditation or prayer time helps assist you in receiving inner guidance more clearly while also strengthening your bond with your guardian angel. As a highly spiritual stone, Angelite fosters forgiveness, self-love and compassion.

Many crystal healers call Angelite the Stone of Telepathy because it’s said to enhance mind to mind communication. Angelite’s calming influence helps settle down our inner “monkey mind” so that we can be more in tuned with those around us and ourselves.

Because of its heavenly appearance and associations, it’s also a great stone to hold while trying to connect with loved ones on the other side. Hold it in your hands or place over your third eye while praying or talking to your loved ones on the other side.

Working with Angelite will help you set healthy boundaries, speak your truth and nurture yourself with total love and acceptance. Praying while holding your Angelite helps you surrender totally so that you step aside and allow divine guidance to come through.

Due to its associations with surrender, it’s also a great stone to work with when learning how to meditate, do yoga and focus on breath work. It’s also great for people who feel alone or individuals seeking their tribe – people with whom we can connect in a deep, meaningful way.

Angelite encourages you to seek out community and helps you facilitate a deeper connection with your angels while instilling a sense of inner calm and peace.

This is for 1 tumbled Angelite which measures 1 – 1.5 inches. Your Angelite will arrive cleansed, charged and ready to work with you.

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