One Tumbled Carnelian


You will receive one large Carnelian.  Each one is approximately 1.5 – 2″.

Carnelian awakens your inner talents and creativity. It will help you to feel confident about your place in the world and give you the courage needed to speak your truth. It brings joy, energy and renewed passion to creative endeavors. Carnelian works to keep the stones around it clean and clear and ready to work for you making it a great stone to keep in a bag or bowl of crystals.

I call Carnelian the “cheerleader” of the stones because it serves to always cheer you on and remind you that you have it within you to achieve your goals and dreams. It’s an excellent stone for people prone to envy or who have a fearful nature as it instills balance and emotional well-being.

It’s recommended for empaths who have a hard time determining which emotions are yours and which belong to those around you.

It’s a wonderful stone for parents and children to hold because it reminds the holder that we are all love and provides a stabilizing feeling to home life.

The orange of the Carnelian awakens our sacral chakra which governs our passions, creativity and fertility. Hold your Carnelian when you need inspiration or to feel passionate about something. It’s a great stone for artists, actors, writers, teachers and salespeople.

It also increases self-esteem and works to improve body image while also enhancing how we love ourselves.

Carnelian is said to help attract good luck, new ideas and prosperity. Keep a piece at work to ward off pressure from bosses and co-workers. Placing a piece on your desk also helps you to get bright ideas. Put a piece by your bed to increase romance in your life. Or tuck your Carnelian in the glove box of your car for protection. Meditate with Carnelian to help you learn how to live in the present moment.


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