One Tumbled Green Fluorite


You will receive 1 tumbled Green Fluorite. Each stone is approximately 1.5 – 2″

Green Fluorite, in addition to the properties of Fluorite, acts like a spring cleaning stone scrubbing away residue from your energy. Placed in a room, Green Fluorite helps absorb and reduce negative energy. It’s an excellent stone for healing and healers as it helps soothe and calm emotions while bringing energy into balance. Place Green Fluorite on your heart chakra to help heal from a broken heart.

Green Fluorite is often called “the gentle healer” because it helps to soothe sadness, grief and pain while promoting renewal and healing.

Meditate with Green Fluorite to help calm an overactive mind.  Place it in a crystal grid focused on health, healing or fitness goals. Tuck it into the soil of your garden to ensure healthy growth.

Hold your Green Fluorite anytime you need to feel centered, balanced and whole. It will help scrub your energy clean and prepare you for a new day!


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