One Tumbled Sodalite


You will receive one Sodalite approximately 1.5 – 2″

Sodalite helps direct you on your proper path allowing you to follow your inner guidance. It’s a deeply reflective stone that enhances prayer and meditation by providing feeling of inner calm and serenity.

Sodalite helps to awaken the Throat Chakra (center of communication and truth) and the Third Eye Chakra (center of intuition). Carry a piece with you if you have to do any public speaking. It will help you to speak effectively and clearly with confidence.

Sodalite is also called the Stone of Endurance because it helps you persevere when setting goals. It’s recommended for writers and athletes to help them meet and achieve their highest dreams.

Sodalite is recommended for people in co-dependent relationships because it helps you see the truth hidden in these relationships while also increasing your self-esteem and encouraging you to speak up for yourself.

It’s a fantastic stone for group work because it provides a feeling of “one for all; all for one.”

The blue of the stone enables perfect communication and creativity while the white marbling through it helps you focus on truth and clarity. Sodalite enables you to recognize and speak your truth.

Sodalite is recommended to help soothe anxieties and worries. During meditation, it helps clear the mind and calm your energy so you receive clear, helpful guidance. Meditating with Sodalite will help you face some truths about yourself or a relationship that you may have been avoiding. Judy Hall recommends Sodalite for meditation because it stimulates the pineal gland enhancing intuitive insight. Sleeping with a piece of Sodalite near you will help you get answers to your questions in the dream state. Wearing a piece of Sodalite will help develop your intuition.

Hold a piece of Sodalite if you experience any creative blocks and ask it to help you break through to creative inspiration.

It also clears electromagnetic pollution in a room, so you can place your Sodalite on a TV or router to help clear electromagnetic smog. It also facilitates group work making it a perfect stone to place on your desk at work.


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