One Tumbled Sunstone


Sunstone helps to clear and energize the chakras. It’s a crystal of joy, happiness, success and abundance. It enhances your innate leadership abilities and gives you confidence in who you are. Often called “the stone of Joy,” Sunstone reminds us to live in the moment and helps us to release worries and anxieties so we can be truly happy.

Place on the chakras to help rejuvenate your energy. Hold in meditation to help dissipate feelings of anxiety, worry and fear. It’s also a great to meditate with if you want to facilitate a deeper connection with your spirit guides.

Sunstone also helps with competitive situations. Place it on your desk at work to help you get noticed.  Carry a piece of Sunstone if you’re susceptible to the blues or Seasonal Affective Disorder as the warm energy of this stone helps you to feel happier and lighter. Because it increases your confidence, Sunstone is excellent at helping you walk away from co-dependent and negative relationships that are no longer serving your higher purpose.

This is for 1 tumbled Sunstone. Most stones are about 1 – 2 inches in length. Your stone will arrive cleansed, charged and ready to work with you.

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