Crystals for Fertility and New Moms


This bag of crystals is created to help you on your journey towards motherhood.  There are many ways you can use these stones to help you on your journey through motherhood.

  1. Tuck them under you bed to encourage conception
  2. Place an affirmation and keep it in your bag such as “We joyfully welcome a new soul to our family” or “I easily get pregnant with a healthy, happy baby”
  3. Hold the stones while meditating on visualizations of a healthy, happy pregnancy and birth
  4. Keep the stones with you while giving birth
  5. Place the stones in the children area of your home.  According to Feng Shui, each area of our home vibrates to a certain energy.  The center area to the right of your front door is your children area.
  6. Create a grid for conception with your stones
  7. Place the stones on your body in this way -unakite on the root chakra, carnelian on the sacral chakra, moonstone on the solar plexus, rose quartz on the heart chakra, blue chalcedony over the throat chakra as you visualize these chakra working in tandem to open your energy to conception

Your Pregnancy Stones Bag includes the following:

Unakite: The stone of birth and rebirth. Also called Epidote from the Greek word “epidosis” which means “to grow together.” Aids pregnancy and the birthing process.

Blue Chalcedony: A calming stone, Blue Chalcedony is said to help a new mom be more relaxed and peaceful. Infuses your energy with inner peace. Aids breastfeeding.

Carnelian: Connected to the Sacral Chakra, Carnelian is said to help keep the reproduction system. It is a stone of joy, self-esteem and confidence.

Rose Quartz: Increases love. Promotes bonding between mother and child.

Moonstone: A strongly feminine stone, Moonstone helps women get in touch with their innate mothering instincts. It helps to balance hormones. Helps to diminish anxiety and assists in a peaceful pregnancy.

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  1. A couple of months ago, I got your Crystals for Fertility bag along with the unakite bracelet. And I’d just like to tell you that it worked! I am pregnant and we are very happy. So I just want to thank you for all the work you do and to tell you that I appreciate you.

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