Prehnite – The Stone of Prophecy


Wearing Prehnite increases your ability to tune in and make wise decisions.  It’s long been called the Stone of Prophecy for its ability to enhance precognition and intuitive insights. It’s also referred to as the Healer’s Healer because working with Prehnite reminds givers to practice more self-care.

Its yellow green coloring works to activate, cleanse and strengthen both the Solar Plexus and Heart Chakras. It’s an excellent stone for people learning to love themselves more fully.

Prehnite also helps artists dealing with blocks due to low self-confidence or lack of ideas as it gently stimulates the wearer to remember their passion and their gifts.

Wear your Prehnite while meditating to help you reach deeper levels and connect more fully with your guides. Prehnite helps to bring a sense of peace and calm to one’s energy. Intuitives have used Prehnite to help connect them to the other side and to grow in their confidence.

All bracelets measure 7.5″. If you need a difference size, please add your wrist measurement to the “notes” section of your order or email Samantha at [email protected]

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