Raising Your Intuitive Child E-Course


Growing up as a sensitive, intuitive soul can be a blessing and a burden. But when an intuitive child’s sensitivity is nurtured, validated and supported, the child learns to love and honor their inner light.

In this e-course you will learn practical tips on how to nurture your intuitive child.  This course is filled with child-friendly meditations, exercises and helpful ideas for empowering your child to embrace their light and learn how to deal with being an intuitive.

This course is not designed to help you develop your child’s intuition. Children need to enjoy their childhood.  They can develop their intuition when they’re an adult if they choose to.  This e-course is geared toward helping parents learn strategies for helping their child navigate their emotions, sensitivities and intuitive insight.

You’ll learn exercises that will teach your child how to ground, protect and harness their energy.  Included are three helpful guided imageries and many resources for activities you can do with your child to show them that being intuitive is a blessing.



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