Rock Your Mercury Retrograde


Mercury Retrograde occurs 3 – 4 times a year and can cause a lot of minor havoc in our lives – communication issues, tech problems and complications with email, texting, documents or signing contracts are all linked to Mercury Retrograde. But if we go through Mercury Retrograde cycles prepared with patience, a dedication to double checking communications and wearing or carrying certain crystals, all will go well during these 3 week cycles.

This bracelet is designed to help with communication, clarity, patience and peace. Your Mercury Retrograde bracelet is made with Fluorite, Rose Quartz and Aquamarine.

Fluorite – known as a stone of “discernment and aptitude,” Fluorite is a wonderful stone to wear during Mercury Retrogrades. Melody from Love Is In The Earth explains, “Fluorite produces an energy which is predisposed to discourage chaotic, disruptive and disorganized growth. It emits an energy which can be used to stabilize and produce order within the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual systems It can be used to bring order to chaos when applied to one’s life with a calm, beautiful energy.” Judy Hall says Fluorite “dissolves illusions and reveals the truth. It is very helpful when you need to act impartially and objectively.” Fluorite aids learning and facilitates an energy of patience in groups and partnerships.

Rose Quartz – often called the “stone of love,” Rose Quartz helps nurture and bath your energy in a loving vibration so that all your communications are kind and harmonious. It holds within it an energy of peace and serenity. It gently guides one’s energy back to a state of calm and restores your aura after periods of stress or chaos. It helps attune the wearer’s energy to the pure vibration of love. Wearing Rose Quartz is recommended for anyone healing from a heartache or if you’re ready to invite more love into your life. It gently washes away old tape messages that tell us we are not worthy of love. During a Mercury Retrograde, wearing or carrying Rose Quartz reminds us that everyone is created in perfect love and helps us to interact with people from an energy of that universal love.

Aquamarine – This powerful, beautiful crystal is called “the stone of courage.” Wearing Aquamarine helps your energy vibrate to pure truth helping all your communications during a Mercury Retrograde come from a pure place of authenticity. When you hold or wear Aquamarine, it helps provide a shield of protection around your aura allowing you to discern only what is helpful to your growth. As a throat chakra stone, Aquamarine helps to align what you do, think and say in a perfect vibration of honesty and clarity. It’s often suggested as a lucky stone to wear or carry when traveling which also makes it a wonderful choice for Mercury Retrogrades which can wreak havoc on our travel plans. Judy Hall says Aquamarine reduces stress and quiets anxious thoughts by harmonizing the mind. She writes in The Crystal Bible, “It has the power to invoke tolerance of others. It overcomes judgementalism, gives support to anyone who is overwhelmed by responsibility and encourages taking responsibility for oneself. ”

I make these bracelets as an exercise in active meditation. I string every bead with an affirmation unique to each bracelet. The Rock Your Mercury Retrograde Bracelet is made with the affirmation “In all I say, do and think, my life is peaceful and harmonious. All is well in my world.” When your bracelet arrives, it has been cleansed, blessed and charged with positive energy through prayer, Reiki and intention. All crystal orders come with a blessing card and a card explaining the attributes of the stones.

Bracelets are 7.5″ If you need one smaller or larger, please send me an email [email protected]


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  1. Thank you, Samantha! My bracelet arrived so much quicker than I ever expected. And it’s perfect. The colors in my Rock Your Mercury Retrograde bracelet blend and transition so well where they meet, and are a more subdued tone than pictured which makes me love it more! The little extra surprises were also so sweet. I need a little help with patience and grace this season and know my little bracelet is going to help me out! Thanks again!

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