Rock Your Numbers Numerology Report

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What mysteries are held within the numbers of your birthdate? What can your Life Path number tell you about your soul purpose? Find out this and more with your own personalized birthday report.

Send Samantha your birthdate and using numerology and her intuition, she will create an 8-12 page numerology report customized for you that includes crystals that will resonate with your specific energy. Your ROCK YOUR NUMBER bag will come with a numerology report and 4 crystals selected just for you. Each crystal will vary depending on your numbers. They will arrive in a white drawstring bag with the numerology report. Makes a great and unique gift.

Once you order your report, either enter your birthday in the NOTES section of your order or email your birthdate to:
[email protected]

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“Thank you so much for the report! It was spot on and helped me understand so much about myself. I’m order one for all my family members!” – Dan R.

33 Replies to “Rock Your Numbers Numerology Report”

  1. “Love my Rock Your Numbers report I got this year!! It was super awesome. I reference it from time to time and loved my crystal package!”- Courtney K.

  2. “If you’re thinking about doing this, DO IT! The report I got was truly amazing, so helpful in so many ways” – Heidi W.

  3. I just love everything about this, from the crystals she chose to the words she wrote! Everything just fit beautifully. This is my second purchase from Samantha and she used the exact three words to describe my energy as she had done previously over a year ago. It is almost like she is psychic — Mary

  4. Spot on. A must get for yourself, and others! I have given two as gifts already, and got myself one as well – everyone has LOVED them!– Jannae L.

  5. Love this! Samantha’s report was so detailed and filled with so much love and attention. The crystals were beautiful and I really resonated with each one. I have bought several things from Samantha and each one if just beaming with love and light. You will never be disappointed with anything you get! Thank you Samantha for all that you so and all that you are.– Elizabeth B.

  6. Wow, this was spot on!! I am truly enjoying both the write-up and the beautiful stones. Thank you so much for your quick delivery.– PC Holt

  7. Ordered one of these for myself and a few others for friends and family for Christmas. They absolutely loved their gifts! The crystals were beautifully selected and resonated with everyone. Highly recommended. 🙂

  8. Samantha has a gift, and a way with words! My family members loved their reports, and they were great Christmas presents! — Alesia S.

  9. This was wonderful information, it really resonated with how I have been thinking and feeling lately. Helpful information that will guide me in the future. Thanks so much Samantha Fey!

  10. Money well spent in my opinion. Will definitely be back to purchase more as gifts for family an friends. Thank you Samantha! — Katherine M.

  11. This is a cool gift for any numerology or crystal lover. The stones are gorgeous and the report was very interesting. — Renee W.

  12. Through her beautiful readings, guidance and loving energy, Samantha has a very special place in my heart. The Rock Your Numbers reports were amazing and the crystals spoke to my soul. Love!! – Victoria R.

  13. Through her beautiful readings, guidance and loving energy, Samantha has a very special place in my heart. The Rock Your Numbers reports were amazing and the crystals spoke to my soul. – Kristen

  14. Wow! You are so very thoughtful and intuitive! Thank you so much for the beautiful crystals, amazing report, crystal clear spray and adorable fortune “cookie”!! You ROCK :)) Was above and beyond what I had expected – thank you so much. Have recently discovered your podcast PsychicTeachers and am loving it!! Thank you for being and sharing your Light — Tammy C.

  15. I bought reports for both my husband and I. We love them! The reports were very comforting and fit our personalities. It really shed light on the life paths we are on, which made so much sense. I love the explanations of the crystals and how to work with them. Thanks Samantha — Laura H.

  16. I have enjoyed and been so impressed by my report and crystals. First of all, the crystals offer a reassuring, warm vibe or feeling. I am very interested in learning how to work with them. They are a pleasure to look at and hold–just gorgeous. The report is informative and fun to read–and the section that discusses things I might do or think about seems accurate. It feels wise and right to me. Many thanks! I plan to buy more Rock Your Numbers Report as gifts.

  17. Samantha is amazing! I ordered the Rock Your Numbers numerology reading/crystals for my Dad and he loved it! It was spot on and the quality and size if the crystals he received were wonderful. Not only that, but Samantha kindly dropped in some Crystal Clear spray for me! 🙂 I can’t wait to try it. Thanks again, Samantha! — Melissa T.

  18. Arrived quickly.Those who received them as gifts,loved the readings and the stones…..these are much fun to give to friends or those who are likeminded.

  19. I absolutely loved my numerology report. It’s as if she knew me personally. The stones were on point and the shipping was fast. I just ordered one for my best friend because I felt like it would help her alot. They’re just awesome!

  20. I had so much fun reading the Numerology report Samantha wrote up for me!! I really enjoyed it and the crystals she sent were soooo beautiful, and spot on. I’m planning to order more numerology reports for friends & family in the near future, because I think they’d really enjoy it too. Thanks so much Samantha!! – Stacie O.

  21. Love my stones & my number reading couldn’t have been more insightful and on point. She always includes an adorable free gift. I’m always beyond satisfied with my purchases. Do yourself a favor and get a reading from her! Her energy is lovely and warm, it’s like talking to a longtime friend who moonlights as an Angel. — Jane B.

  22. To sum it up, Samantha Fey is spot on about everything regarding my numerology report. I loved that she provided more information than just the details of my life path number. As someone who finds numerology fascinating, I was excited to learn about the day I was born and my personality number. The stones she chose for me were amazing! All were stones that I either wanted or wanted more of and they were gorgeous! Two thumbs up and all the stars!

    See the full review at !

  23. This was so much more than expected. It’s obvious Samantha loves what she does and is so gifted in the craft. The personaliztion and detailed information is incredible. I am giving this to my daughter’s in college.

  24. I was surprised by how quickly it arrived and even more surprised with how much information and things it included! I had done a little research about my numbers on my own so I knew what they were but loved all the detail and crystal matches. Seriously made my day and will be a great reference to have on hand. I will have to keep this in mind as a gift. Thank you so so much ❤

  25. Samantha was spot on with everything in this reading. I love the detail and thought put into it. Everything felt so personalized and I will definitely be purchasing more in the future for family and friends ?

  26. I am really thrilled with my numerology bag. It has given me so much to reflect on and move forward with. I cannot recommend getting one enough ( it was also really cool holding the crystals and feeling them vibrating so intensely. They must have been the perfect set for me). Thank you so much, Samantha Fey!

  27. My Rock Your Numbers report was amazing! It was accurate and insightful. Good meaty stuff with lots to contemplate. Loved the crystals that came with the report were beautiful and a perfect addition. I appreciate you Sam! Thank you for being such a wonderful mentor and a guide on my journey.

  28. I just wanted to take some time to say thank you for the Rock Your Numbers delivery that I received just before the holiday season. I have spent the last few weeks pouring over it. The crystals were an added bonus, and the fortune cookie was bang on track too!

    Thanks so much, it was way more than I expected! – CK

  29. I ordered these reports for my Bridesmaids and gave them out right after we finished our wedding hair and make-up. It was something so special to each of them and helped to calm nerves before the ceremony. I ordered one for myself also and was so grateful for the amazing and very thoughtful results that helped ground me before this important moment in my life.
    Samantha is truly a gifted professional in this space and I am so glad I was able to spread an ounce of her light and love to my friends!

  30. If you are seeking numerical insights and want to glean both sweeping and detailed information about who you are and how you process life then order Samantha Fey’s Rock Your Numbers. The report is captivating, validating, and enlightening. All presented in positive, sometimes humorous language. The little pouch of crystals is a bonus. Party favors for the soul!

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