Scare Away Monster Spray


Scare Away Monster Spray is made with soothing lavender  essential oil.  The addition of sage, frankincense and myrrh make it a powerful spray for protection. Children can spray this in their room, on their pillow or under their bed when they can’t sleep or after a bad dream.

Your spray is also made with crystal chips of carnelian, rose quartz, jasper and other stones to keep the water charged and ready to work.

The calming scent helps relax little ones while the protective oils help keep the energy in the room clear, light and filled with love.

Helping your little one use their spray will empower them and remind children that they are in control of their own space.


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  1. I got this as a gift for my little cousin. He sees “scary people” in his house. This has helped him stay in his bedroom longer throughout the night. — Rebecca W.

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