School Rocks


School Rocks is a great gift for someone going back to school or starting a new class.  Carry your rocks in your book bag for increased confidence throughout your day.  Keep your stones in your desk to help you focus on the teacher.  Hold your rocks while studying and doing homework to help you retain the information you’re learning.

Your bag of stones includes:

Fluorite: Called the “Student’s Stone,” Fluorite helps us understand and remember new material.  Aids concentration and focus.

Citrine: A Stone of Success, Citrine instills confidence, enhances joy and increases self-esteem.  Helps children feel secure in themselves.

Sodalite: Encourages speaking and sharing in class.  Often called the “Writer’s Stone,” Sodalite helps you communicate clearly and effectively.  Has a calming influence when held.

Jasper: As a Stone of Protection, Jasper shields our energy from taking on negativity.  It absorbs negative energy from others and protects from bullies.

Green Aventurine: The Stone of Luck, Green Aventurine helps attract luck, abundance, and happy times.  Encourages a positive attitude, fosters independence, and stimulates creativity.

Your crystals arrive cleansed and ready to work with you. Crystals arrive in a velvet bag with a card explaining each stone’s properties.

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3 Replies to “School Rocks”

  1. Got these for my daughter! She keeps them in her book bag. So far her grades have been so much better: As, Bs and (1) C. Woohoo!- Rebecca W.

  2. Just wanted to take a moment to submit a five star review for your School Rocks.

    I bought one bag each for my 11 yr old daughter and 9 yr old son at the beginning of this school year. I had them cleanse the rocks upon arrival and set a silent intention for their rocks for the school year. They each keep their school rocks in their backpack and take to school daily.

    Both children are doing phenomenal in school! They seem more grounded & balanced, have improved grades and seem to enjoy school more than ever. They have even called upon their rocks for outside of school activities (i.e. piano recital performance, football game).

    Thank you for your little bag of gems. As a Mom, raising happy successful children is one of the most wonderful achievements in life. — Robin

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