SPIRIT GUIDES and ANGELS – Crystals to Help You Meet Your Spiritual Team

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Meditating with these crystals can help you connect with your helpers on the other side. These crystals help to raise your vibrations so that you can connect with your spirit guides and guardian angels. Your crystal bag includes:

SELENITE: Considered one of the most important crystals for spiritual advancement. Selenite helps you connect to your spirit guide by inviting more light into your energy. Named for the Greek Goddess Selene, ancients believed Selenite were pieces of the Moon that fell to earth. Working with Selenite helps you connect to the feminine moon energies.   It helps connect the Third Eye and Crown Chakras to your higher chakras.  It’s a happy stone that works well with other crystals.  The Selenite in your bag will help keep the other stones charged with light. Hold Selenite while affirming, “I invite more light into my energy.”

ANGELITE: Considered one the BEST stones for connecting with your angels, Angelite strengthens Clairaudience helping you to tune into spiritual messages. It helps to clear and open the psychic channels allowing for deeper connections. Hold a piece while meditating to invite angelic energy into your life.  Sleep with a piece under your pillow to facilitate spiritual journeying during the dream state.

CLEAR QUARTZ: Clear Quartz enhances, clears and awakens your spiritual connection. It helps to clear the mind so you can tune in more accurately. It charges the other stones in your bag and clears them of any psychic debris and residue they’ve absorbed. Its pyroelectric and piezoelectric properties have been used in watches, computers, radios, computer memory chips, microphones and ultrasound machines.  It can work for you too. Clear Quartz is considered a programmable stone meaning you can ask it to work with you for whichever purpose you need more help. Its strong amplifying qualities helps to boost the energy of your other stones. Hold your Clear Quartz during meditation to help clear your mind of “stuff” so you can tune in and focus more easily. Hold it in your palms, connecting to its energy, and ask the stone to help you strengthen your relationship to your spiritual team.

AMETHYST: Known as one of the most spiritual stones, Amethyst will help to supercharge your spiritual growth. It’s been worn throughout the ages to provide support through the spiritual awakening process.  It’s an excellent stone for calming and soothing your energy so you can tune in and focus more accurately. It helps protect against psychic attack. Amethyst awakens the Crown Chakra helping you to accept yourself as a spiritual person. Amethyst helps you remember who you are and provides the serenity needed to fully engage your spiritual awakening. Place your Amethyst on your Third Eye during meditation to awaken your Clairvoyance. Meditate with Amethyst in your left hand to receive the vital, beautiful energy of this stone into your being. The purple energy of this stone connects with the angelic realm helping you to get to know your guardian angel and spiritual guides.

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4 Replies to “SPIRIT GUIDES and ANGELS – Crystals to Help You Meet Your Spiritual Team”

  1. I received the items that I ordered from you and I absolutely love them! The personalization that you gave to the items and the packaging of the shipment are truly special. Made me feel like I got a gift that was made, wrapped and packaged just for me…… Thank YOU.

  2. Agree with previous review. The crystals seemed to be specially hand picked for me. And she add such special touches to the package. It was like you knew exactly what I needed as far as what you picked out and sent. Can’t wait to get better acquainted with my crystals!

  3. Thank you for my order I absolutely loved how they came in!! And thank you for throwing in the special little surprises! Totally in love! Ordering more items right now! Can’t wait to receive everything else! FYI I love your podcast, the best thing on a Monday, always lifts my spirit! Thank you! Sending you love and blessings! Love Kris C.

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