The Happy Healer


This happy bag of stones is designed for healers — massage therapists, nurses, energy workers, Reiki practitioners, chiropractors, doctors and all light workers who use their energy to heal. Many healers forget to take time to heal themselves. Use these stones for meditation or place in your work space as a reminder to take time for you. You can also place affirmations for your personal healing in this bag.

Your Happy Healer bag includes the following stones:

Tiger’s Eye: Worn throughout the ages as a talisman against negativity and ill wishes. Increases courage and belief in oneself. Activates the Solar Plexus Chakra. Reminds you that you are worthy of abundance.

Green Quartz: Transmutes negative energy to positive. Activates and heals the Heart Chakra. Increases creativity. Attracts prosperity. Helps healers connect with Universal love. Removes cords and seals the aura.

Black Tourmaline: Powerful stone of protection against all forms of negative energy. Helps healers to set healthy boundaries between themselves and their clients. Protects from psychic attack. Place under a massage or healing table to absorb negative energy released from your client. Keep a piece in your pocket to avoid taking on a client’s energy.

Smokey Quartz: Offers balance and support while helping absorb negativity, stress and anxiety. It shields energy and instills courage. Works on the Root Chakra helping you to feel safe. Smokey Quartz also helps absorb sadness from within.


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