Tumbled Jasper


Jasper is a stone of protection and grounding.  It works on the Root Chakra to help you feel safe, grounded and balanced. Red Jasper has been prized throughout the ages for protecting against bad luck and misfortune. Red Jasper raises energy levels and increases self-confidence. Hold your piece of Red Jasper when you feel anxious, worried or unsure about an important decision.  Meditate with Red Jasper to fill your aura with a protective shield. Place over your Root Chakra to help cleanse, awaken and balance this energy center.  The Root Chakra is where we store our money issues, difficult childhood memories and old wounds. When this chakra is cleansed and balanced, we feel as though we belong, that we have a right to success, and our confidence soars.

Place a piece of Red Jasper in the Recognition and Fame center of your home.  According to Feng Shui, this area of the bagua is located on the farthest wall opposite from your front door.  Red Jasper placed in this area will help you get noticed for the work you’re doing.

Place Red Jasper in a grid for career advancement, protection or abundance.

Tuck one under your pillow to help your energy remain calm while you sleep.

Carrying Red Jasper helps you become more focused in your goals and stimulates passion for your work. It connects your energy to the earth providing a stabilizing influence.

I love Red Jasper because this is the stone that started me on my crystal path.  When I was teaching at my local college, I had a student who was harassing me.  It was becoming such a problem that two of my students, who were retired Marines, began walking me to my car after class.  One day I unlocked the door to my little office that was tucked away on the ground floor and found a small kidney shaped red stone on my desk. I put it in my pocket and went up to the English department.  I asked everyone if they had somehow gotten into my office and put this stone there.  No one knew what I was talking about.  I asked the janitor if he had put it in my office, but he too looked at me like I needed a coffee break.  So I rode the elevator up to Dr. Rocks — the geology professor.  I showed him the stone and explained how it had just appeared on my desk. He looked at it and said, “Who do you need protection from?” I said, “Excuse me?” I hadn’t told anyone other than my department chair about this student.  Dr. Rocks said, “Well that’s Red Jasper and it’s only job is to protect you.” I nodded and thanked him.  I kept the stone with me everywhere I went.  Two weeks later, the student was arrested and sent to jail.  I have no idea to this day if that rock had anything to do with that, but I do know that once I carried that Red Japer with me, I never had another issue with a student. I still carry it with me today more than a decade later.

Your purchase includes ONE tumbled Red Jasper.


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