Tumbled Labradorite


The ancient Inuits thought Labradorite was the frozen fire of the Aurora Borealis.┬áIn normal lighting this stone looks like an average gray rock, but when you shine a light on it, the magic within shines forth. Working with Labradorite helps you remember your own magical inner light. It’s a stone of both protection and intuitive development which is why Labradorite is perfect for empaths and budding intuitives awakening to their true gifts. Labradorite helps protect your energy while you are learning to expand and raise your consciousness and embrace your intuition.

Meditating with Labradorite helps bring information from your higher self to your consciousness. It aids decision making and clears the mind so you can receive clearer intuitive messages.

Place on your third eye to help awaken this center.

Many crystal healers have said that holding this stone during a past life regression helps you recall and release painful past lives memories where you injured, killed or ostracized for your gifts.

Melody in her Love Is In the Earth book says of Labradorite: It allows for recognition that humanity represents the “Being of Light,” transcending the limitations of the past and the thoughts of the future, and embracing the infinite possibilities of the moment. It helps one to both “be” and to proceed with the assurance that the light is always there, surrounding and pure.

It works in the auric field sealing tears and removing thought projections from others.

Labradorite helps you awaken and accept your true gifts.

Your purchase includes ONE tumbled Labradorite


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