Tumbled Rainbow Fluorite


Fluorite is often called “the Student’s Stone” because it helps you retain, understand and comprehend new information. It works to balance and protect the aura.  Meditating with Fluorite helps suppressed emotions come to the surface and be healed. It helps eliminate negative patterns of behavior and thinking.

Fluorite helps direct you on your proper path by encouraging you to follow your inner guidance.  It’s also a deeply reflective stone and enhances prayer and meditation with feelings of inner calm and serenity. It works to heal feelings of insecurity while encouraging you to speak up for yourself.

Fluorite  supports you on your spiritual journey of learning and growing in light and love.

It helps block electromagnetic stress.  Place a piece by your television or computer.

Hold a piece of Fluorite while studying or taking a test.

It’s recommended for Indigo and Crystal children to help them learn to understand their spiritual purpose.

Meditate with Fluorite to feel a calm sense of balance and gain a deeper understanding of your personal spiritual wisdom.


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