Unakite – Birth and Rebirth


This beautiful Unakite stretch bracelet is made of 6mm beads. Wearing Unakite helps to increase clairvoyance. It helps you visualize and manifest your dreams and goals. Unakite encourages optimism and helps you release negative energies that are blocking you. It helps alleviate sadness and feelings of futility. Wear this bracelet while you sleep to help you recall your dreams. Unakite activates the root and heart chakras. It’s excellent for ┬áreleasing anger.

Unakite is recommended for people recovering from illness.

It’s highly beneficial for pregnant moms as it’s known as the stone of Birth and Rebirth. Unakite aids transitions and new awakenings.

Melody writes, “Unakite can facilitate the re-birthing process and can help one to deal with both the information and the events of the past which have instilled blockages within the meridians and energy centers of the body. It provides for a gentle release of those conditions which have been inhibiting one’s growth and actions.”

All bracelets measure 7.5″. If you need a different size, please email your wrist measurement to [email protected] or add it to the ‘notes’ section of your order.

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  1. Even the packaging exudes light and love. Beautiful, well made bracelets. Lovely, professional tags and wrapping.– Jenna H.

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